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November 24, 2018

Why does China need clean air?            

According to National Geographics there are currently 1.1 million Chinese people who die from air pollution within a year. In some cities the unpopular word “airpocalypses” became common use.

A solution to this issue is overdue! The government is now fighting back with new solutions: a new project in Xi’an, which has among the highest pollution levels, has built a giant 60meter high chimney. Unlike most of them, however, this one is not adding to air pollution!! It uses a sun-powered outdoor purifying system, which filters out toxic PM-matter (see this article to get more information on PM-levels). Result: Xi’ans new chimney is blowing out clean air! However, this is just a prototype.


How it works

The prototype uses a Solar-Assisted Large-Scale Cleaning System, which is inspired by renewable-energy power plants which can generate electricity using the energy of the sun. To very simplify that process: glass panels heat up the air. Warm air rises upwards, obviously. Filters are installed on the way up to the top of the tower. As a result clean air exists the chimney.

In this video you can see how this looks like.


There is not one simple solution to the air pollution issue

Even though the project leader Cao Junji mentioned that the early results are promising ( https://www.nature.com/articles/d41586-018-02704-9) there are no results of air quality improvements published yet. And the costs are not low: 2 million USD for this prototype. A significant funding source is needed. Probably in the size of billions of USD to cover the whole country to create noticeable cleaner air.  

It is questionable if the government or private investors will be willing to invest that money. Of course, if you come up with new technologies there are also the critics. One of them is Neil Donahue. He points to the environmental damage caused by building and maintaining these facilities. Other people criticise that not all particular matters are filtered out and that it not does not mitigate the causes of pollution. Well, who ever gave a statue to a critics right? We value the idea and efforts to provide cleaner air to the people!

Black Forest Air

Air pollution is not a topic in the Black Forest. Forests cover about 60% of the land. The air is clear and visibly excellent. 60 health resorts for people with lung issues are located in this area.

This is why we have chosen this location to collect our clean air. Of course, we are aware that air in a bottle is not solving the problem of air pollution. But it will definitely help YOU to breathe clean air. Here you will get more information about Black Forest Air.


This picture we just made last week – do you see any pollution? We are happy about our air quality and look forward to share that with you!