High Quality Air "Made in GERMANY"


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Black Forest Air - "Made in Germany"

Our Story - Black Forest Air captured in Germany!

We are a German based company, adhering to the highest quality standards for our products. INVICTUS’s process of capturing and bottling Black Forest Air is conducted entirely on German territory. Our top priority and overarching goal is to provide clean air when and where it’s needed the most.

The procedure of getting air into a can under pressure (without capturing pollutants) is a complex process. It begins first and foremost with the usage of the right cans. Our aerosol cans are produced in Germany and certified under European regulations; ensuring no oil residue or other pollutants are transferred into our cans. This is, unfortunately, often the case with imported products from oversees. Never with INVICTUS!

The next crucial step is to capture and filter the air. It is for this reason that we have collaborated with experienced companies. We are particularly proud to have joined forces with a German company with an industry history spanning 100 years as experts in medical and technical gases. Using this process ensures that every batch of our air will conform to the same high quality standards…and your expectations.

The final step is to bottle the air into cans and attach the breathing mask. This is conducted in a sterilized environment for your peace of mind. Our responsible partner for this production step is ISO 9001:2008 certified.

These high standards, along with our unwavering passion, are what Black Forest Air by INVICTUS is all about. A great life always has, and always will, begin with great air. End of story.