High Quality Air "Made in GERMANY"


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Providing clean air to everybody

Sick of inhaling dirty air? You should be.

Why? Because your body deserves better! You’ve only got one, after all. Our products help your lungs absorb cleaner air than ever before. We are aware that a lot of people are not capable of enjoying pure, natural air. That’s why we at INVICTUS wish to connect you to the advantages of fresh, revitalizing air – from your own bag. Our Black Forest Air is captured and bottled in one of the most astounding recreational centers. This way, we can provide you with the freshest taste of nature in the world.

Where? ​On your way to work. During a workout. Before your study session. Enjoy fresh air anywhere, anytime. Our products are bottled directly in the Black Forest region of Germany. Whenever you feel a scratchy throat coming on, or you are simply feeling fatigued, indulge in a breath of our clean air, and feel instantly better. Thanks to our cutting-edge breathing mask and design, no air will ever be wasted. That’s a promise!