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What is Black Forest Air by INVICTUS?

We at INVICTUS evolved the process of capturing and bottling  air from the Black Forest in Germany into small aerosol cans. Due to the high compression, we created a product that makes air available everywhere. Our top priority is to provide clean air when and where it’s needed the most.


What is the Black Forest?

The Black Forest is a world-famous recreational area within Germany. Forests cover about 60% of the land; twice as much as other German regions. The Black Forest Mountains are peppered with pristine lakes and  crossed by crystal-clear rivers. Millions of people from around the world visit this unique place year after year. The trend is rising, and new records are broken annually! However, it is important to note that the Black Forest does not only stand for leisure. The air is clear and visibly excellent. 60 health resorts for people with lung issues are located in this area. Black Forest – that is Germany at its best.


Why should I buy Black Forest Air by INVICTUS?

This product has the highest quality standards. The Black Forest is the perfect area for capturing clean air. From now on you can take clean air everywhere! On top of that it is an amazing and fun experience to inhale the air.


For what can I use Black Forest Air by INVICTUS?

There are practically no limitations as you always have to breathe, right? Here are some suggestions:

You are looking for a unique birthday gift for a special friend?  Surprise her/him with a bottle of Black Forest Air by INVICTUS!

Break at work. When others go for a smoke or a 4 th cup of coffee, you can take few deep revitalizing breaths.

You are running in the park. You gasp for breath. Fresh Black Forest Air by INVICTUS will fill up your lungs immediately.

You wake up, look out of the window: it is a very dusty day, air quality is really bad today. Suddenly you start to smile – because you see a can of Black Forest Air by INVICTUS on your table. You put the can in your bag and look forward to enjoy clean air on the way to your office.

You spend the whole day in the library. Tomorrow is the exam. Your head is almost exploding. Refresh your brain with Black Forest Air by INVICTUS – just like taking a walk in the park!


How do I use Black Forest Air by INVICTUS?

The air is ready for/to usage. Just place the mask above your month and push the trigger to enjoy the fresh air. Pull the trigger stronger for more air. But watch it! Don’t get blown away.


How long does the air last?

The air will last for appr. 100 inhalations (unfortunately we cannot give a concrete number here, because lung capacity varies for every person).


Is Black Forest Air by INVICTUS safe to use for everyone?

Everybody is able to enjoy our clean and fresh air. Please note: This product is for recreational use only. In no way this product is meant for curing, treating, or preventing any disease or disorders. This product is not meant to replace your current medical devices.


How often can i use Black Forest Air by INVICTUS?

There are no limitations for the amount of usage of Black Forest Air by INVICTUS.


Why can I not buy Black Forest Air by INVICTUS in my country?

Due to the high pressure within the cans the shipping companies apply specific rules for transportation. Therefore, we are not yet able to ship the products to specific countries. However, if you are interested in our product, just drop us a message and we are eager to find a solution.


Can I take Black Forest Air by INVICTUS to the air plane?

Black Forest Air by INVICTUS shall not be taken into hand luggage. Many airlines allow transportation in checked-in luggage. We recommend to check the individual airline transportation rules before taking air into the air plane.


What else is important to know?

We also recommend to put the can into the fridge before usage. Then enjoy a crisp breeze…